Mì&Tì Mixology

Although they are suitable for the preparation of any kind of drink, Gin Mì and Gin Tì have been designed to enhance respectively the characteristics of dry and decisive cocktails, such as the classic Martini, or scented and aromatic drinks, like a perfect Gin Tonic.

Gin Lù was instead conceived as a neat gin, or for very powerful and characterized blends.
Served neat or straight, Gin Lù is a classic after-dinner, complex and warm, in the tradition of great distillates aged in cask.
In mixology, Gin Lù can be used to replace in a very original way other typical barrel-aged spirits in some great cocktails such as the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned.
Or, it can be proposed to reinforce the presence of Gin in classics such as the Negroni, the Martinez and the Aviation.

The following drinks list, created with Tommaso Coppo, Brand Ambassador of Mì&Tì Gin, proposes some interesting serves for each one of the three spirits of the Mì&Tì collection.