Gin Mì – Spirit and botanicals

Gin Mì, conceived as the ideal base for the most famous and classic cocktail, the Dry Martini, is a very dry, almost peppery Gin.

A Gin with the strong predominance of Juniper, used for 80% of the blend, mixed with some traditional botanicals – Sage, Liquorice, Damask Rose, Lemon from Riviera Ligure – very firm, original and unique thanks to the addition of Yuzu, the characteristic and fragrant Japanese citrus, and Lapsang Souchong, a smoky tea from China.

The botanicals are first infused separately in a high quality organic grain, then mixed as per our exclusive recipe and finally re-distilled with the low-temperature vacuum distillation technique (Rotovap).
The gin finally is brought to 50 degrees with the addition of the extra-pure “Lurisia” mountain spring water.