Sparkling Tì

A refined and fragrant cocktail, based on gin and Italian Sparkling Wine.
The acidity of the grapefruit juice is well balanced by the softness of the rose liquor, which recalls the flower essence used to create Gin Tì.

2 cl Gin Tì
1 cl Origine Damask Rose liqueur
1 cl grapefruit juice
6 cl Spumante Ca ‘del Bosco Vintage Collection Satèn
A few Damask Rose petals

Fill a small shaker with ice, allow it to cool for a few minutes and drain the excess water.
Pour into the shaker gin, rose liqueur and lemon juice.
Shake well and filter into a Champagne flûte.
Fill the glass with the sparkling wine.
Mix very gently.
Garnish with a couple of rose petals.