Gin Lù – Tasting Notes

The spirit has an intense amber colour.

The resinous perfumes of wild juniper immediately stand out at the nose, together with the warm cocoa and tobacco tones, given by the passages in the Mulberry and Juniper woods.
Complex and sweet tones of Liquorice and Orange also emerge at the nose, together with the very pleasant hints of vanilla given by the first passages in the Oak barrels.

At the mouth, wood-ageing gives a first warm and deep sensation, of tannins, woods and spices.

Slowly, the warm and sweet aromas of Rose and Orange and the smoky tones of Lapsang Souchong tea rise as aftertaste sensations.

The finish is very long and powerful.
All the aromas of the various botanicals re-emerge, together with the spicy, full-bodied and persistent perfumes given by the wood-ageing process.