Lùminous Martini

An elegant and refined Smokey Martini.
The Barrel Aged Gin Lù gives complex and aromatic
perfumes to this classic drink.

5 cl Gin Mì
2 cl Barrel Aged Gin Lù
1 Orange zest

Place an orange zest into a small tumbler.
Fill a mixing glass with ice, let it cool for a few minutes
and drain the excess water.
Pour Barrel Aged Gin Lù in the mixer, stir for 30/40 seconds to
flavour ice and then completely drain the Gin over the orange zest.
Pour Gin Mì into the mixer and stir well for 30/40 seconds.
Serve into a small Nick&Nora glass.
Decorate with the Gin Lù scented orange peel.